SEX IN THE COUNTRY: Plastic Surgery on Montana Avenue

Having grown up in Southern California and lived here most of my life, I’ve been on the cutting-edge of plastic surgery for decades.  While fake boobs started to become fashionable here around 15 years ago, it’s only been in the last seven years that it has become mainstream.  Now, I can say I have many friends who have had a breast augmentation, and many more who have had some type of plastic surgery.  In fact, I can divide my friends almost evenly between those who have had surgical beauty treatments and those who have not.

Of course, beauty treatments are as old as time, but mainstream surgery for beauty, not to compensate for an accident or amputation, is relatively new.  And it seems like once you start, you can’t stop.  Of my friends who’ve had boob jobs, not one was happy with the first one.  Every one has had to get hers re-done, for additional cost.  From what I see out there, many more need adjusting.  I walk down the Santa Monica stairs with a woman whose tits do not move.  They look so ridiculous in that context – big round hard balls, standing still around a moving body.  It’s just bizarre to me.

But men like it, right? I know men like the idea that women are willing to do all this crap to please them, to get fucked. But aesthetically?

Speaking of lacking aesthetic appeal, the latest rage here is the puffed out upper lip.  The lines are gone, but it looks Neanderthal.  A significant percentage of women in Santa Monica, however, have these identical upper lips.  It’s like a signifier that you live in West Los Angeles.  Often these women complement the lip with a nose job (or vice-versa, could be a chicken-egg thing). Then you can’t tell them apart.  There are three or four moms at our school, amongst whom I can’t distinguish, because of this nose job/upper lip thing.  I challenge you to walk Montana Avenue for twenty minutes midday.  If you don’t see someone with the puffed out upper lip, I’ll buy you a coffee at Peet’s.

It’s not that I think small or saggy tits, wrinkly faces, and big noses are attractive.  I’m just as upset about aging as anyone else, and I can see that as a woman, getting older is all downhill physically speaking.  Dating-wise, an old man does way better than an old woman – that’s a fetish after all, a category you can search on a porn site.  (Okay, so is grandmas, but it doesn’t get as many hits).  And of course I’ve seen plastic surgery that really works and enhances beauty. But so many people go overboard.  Even if it doesn’t look appealing, it’s changing the way we view ourselves and others our age.  Do we really want to require our women to get plastic surgery in order to be more attractive? Isn’t this just another form of enslavement, to money and surgery? I thought beauty was supposed to be only skin deep…

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