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SEX IN THE COUNTRY: US Thinks Polygamy’s OK for Libya

Just when Libyan women, and indeed most of the world, began celebrating the death of Qaddafi, a bad guy by anyone’s standards, they get the news that the new regime will, at least in one respect, be worse than the … Continue reading

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CORRUPTION IN THE COUNTRY: US State Department Program Teaches Foreign Exchange Students to Hate America

‘Tis the season to stage a protest!  Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is the latest and most high profile protest, and historians are already calling it “monumental” and “transformational.”  But at the end of August, another protest was also happening, in … Continue reading

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DRUGS IN THE COUNTRY: Struggling Poor Must Pay for Own Drug Tests in Order to Receive Benefits

I recently signed my child up for a community chorus, and they insisted that payment be debited automatically from my checking account each month instead of paying by check like I usually do for my kids’ classes.  Then, on top … Continue reading

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SEX IN THE COUNTRY: Samson and Delilah Paradigm Used to Implement Single Sex Dorms at Catholic University

You’ve gotta hand it to the Catholics for always going backwards.  Just when we thought that after 25 years coeducational dorms at Catholic U could be taken for granted, College President John Garvey has decided that women, who he had … Continue reading

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