SEX IN THE COUNTRY: Samson and Delilah Paradigm Used to Implement Single Sex Dorms at Catholic University

You’ve gotta hand it to the Catholics for always going backwards.  Just when we thought that after 25 years coeducational dorms at Catholic U could be taken for granted, College President John Garvey has decided that women, who he had hoped would “civilize” men, have instead contributed to their corruption. So Catholic U has abolished coed dorms; Garvey blames loose women.

This is always happening.  Women are an awful scourge on men, consistently motivating them to rape, pillage and murder.  NOT! In fact, the opposite is true.  Cultures in which men and women mix freely in open society have far less human rights abuses in general.  Sex-segregated cultures, on the other hand, correlate with high human rights abuses (like Saudi Arabia).

We’ve also just learned that single sex education is worse than coeducation. In fact, there is no evidence that segregation increases virtue or intellectual pursuits of any kind, beyond the anecdotes offered by Garvey, father of five.

Though no religious reasons were cited, the biblical paradigm that women lead men into temptation was clearly on display, as was the clearly non-secular view that virtue and intellect are connected. (Has Garvey heard of Voldemort?) Over the weekend, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia put the icing on the cake in a speech at Duquesne University Law School in which he commended Garvey’s decision as a victory for religious values (link nyt) in case there was any doubt about it. Nor will there be any doubt as to how Scalia will vote should the matter come before him at the Supreme Court. So much for judicial impartiality.

To me, conflating Catholicism with morality is misleading, especially since the church has basically been a haven for homosexual pedophiles for over a hundred years, complicit in thousands of cases of child molestation and rape.  And yet, Garvey has stated that Catholicism is against a culture in which sexual encounters are casual, i.e., don’t lead to marriage. He believes separating the sexes will prevent hookups, but again he ignores another Catholic paradigm – the phenomenon of the forbidden fruit.

Garvey also hopes segregating the sexes will curb binge drinking, but in my experience, binge drinking is mostly a male activity.  I’ve never seen more drinking than at an all male club or party.  So that argument lacks logic too. Are we sure Garvey has a college degree himself?

Moreover, I get why binge drinking is wrong, because it really is bad for your health and dangerous to others if you’re driving or being violent, but why is it wrong to engage in casual sex, other than for vague biblical or religious reasons?  Yes, one worries about disease and pregnancy, but we can educate kids about that.  Oh yeah, Catholics are against sex education and contraception. Garvey says they are striving for a more Catholic curriculum and college experience – but will that translate to a rich, diverse first-class education?  I doubt it.

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