SEX IN THE COUNTRY: Los Angeles Mandates Condoms for Adult Film Actors

For the first time in history, the Los Angeles City Council has passed legislation requiring sex on screen be with condoms only.  The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the lobby behind the regulation, has pressed the issue be taken up on the ballot for years, but the Council has sidestepped a vote and gone ahead and approved the measure 9-1.

I know it’s not politically correct, but the news saddened me.  The great late psychologist Robert Stoller, a Los Angeles resident and perhaps the paramount social scientist in the field, hypothesized over twenty years ago that the power of porn had to do with seeing actors flying without a net.  It’s like a trapeze artist – it’s just not exciting unless there is an element of danger.  Sorry, folks.

It’s not like I want people in my porn to die, but have you seen a porn with condoms? I really don’t want to think about death and disease when I’m masturbating or fucking.  Total buzzkill.  The HBO documentaries on porn make it clear that all the actors get tested for diseases before they perform, and that these tests are re-taken every six months.  That satisfied me.

But apparently actors are already required by the state to wear condoms, they just haven’t had the funds or the wherewithal to initiate inspections, (they can only respond to complaints), and so fines have been few and far between.  Under the new law, police will be able to drop in on porn sets any time they want for impromptu inspections.  Whatta job.

Porn producers have complained, but where are the actors? It’s been hard to find statements from them. Don’t people in general hate using condoms?  And what about the money shot?  That will require some logistical adjustments, which can only make it harder (or rather less hard) for the male performers.

I’m also concerned that the legislation is overstepping its mark a little.  Isn’t the use of condoms a personal issue?  Is it really up to the LA City Council to mandate such a thing?It reminds me of laws that criminalize sodomy.  The next to step is to push the legislation to encompass LA County.  Many are worried the porn industry, one of the city’s most profitable, will leave Los Angeles.

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