SEX IN THE COUNTRY: US Secret Service Agents Procure Prostitutes in Colombia

Growing up as an American child, I was taught to revere the Secret Service.  The men who protected the President were among the bravest in the world.  They were even featured in a children’s book I read, Tell Me a Mitzi, portrayed almost like superheroes. But now we learn that the men in the Secret Service are in fact, just men.

What gives the story a truly American flavor is that the agents would probably never have been busted except for the fact that they tried to get away without paying in full.  Full-blooded Americans, loyal Americans, understand the bottom line, above all else, and they aggressively pursue mark-downs. The prostitutes, who outnumbered the agents 2 to 1, got pissed and pounded on the door until the police came. In this area of Cartagena, Columbia, prostitution is legal, so the agents were arrested.

Apparently, the dispute was over several hundred dollars – the john tried to give her $30 for the whole night. And instead of paying in dollars, as the escort claimed he had agreed to, he threw local pesos at her. The investigation of the American agents continues, while in Colombia, the escort at the center of the dispute has hired a lawyer and is filing a lawsuit. In his defense, the agent continues to maintain that he didn’t know the woman was a prostitute.

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