DRUGS IN THE COUNTRY: Marijuana Ignites Political Forest Fire

While Attorney General Eric Holder has recently come under scrutiny for his alleged role in covering up the “Fast and Furious” gun-walking program, he has also failed to uphold Obama’s campaign pledge to stop raiding medical marijuana dispensaries operating legally under city and state jurisdiction. Instead, Holder, presumably under Obama’s direction, has shut down over 500 shops in California alone during the last ten months.

There is nothing more ridiculous looking than a group of DEA agents, armed to the teeth, marching into a perfectly peaceful pot shop.  Once there, they seize the inventory and arrest the people working there. Such challenging work – kind of like the Nazis on Kristallnacht.

I’m not sure why Obama/Holder are doing this.  Obama has certainly made it clear that he is not a liberal president and has done everything he can to cater to the right wing.  Is this another misguided effort in that direction?  Because medical marijuana is one of those bipartisan issues.  It’s an issue Dems and Repubs agree on, which would seem like a dream for the president who campaigned on post-partisanship, (also misguided).

When are people going to wake up and smell the weed smoke? Having just broken my feet, I had to be on those perfectly legal painkillers the doctor prescribes.  I’m trying to get off them now, and facing serious withdrawal.  Yet, marijuana, a plant in the ground, has never give me this kind of trouble when I’ve been without it.

I know the government doesn’t think this will deter people from using weed.  Obviously, especially in California, the stuff is out there.  The shops are far from perfect, but going to a drug dealer, especially for a sick person or a girl, is far worse.  They never show up on time and they rip you off.  Plus you have to pretend you’re friends with them.  The other option the government is proponing is growing it yourself, though increasing restrictions on cultivation have also commenced.  Just like not everyone can bake a wedding cake, not everyone can grow a crack batch of weed.  It takes practice, time and care, which many people, sick or otherwise, simply do not have.

With all the cutbacks in education and Social Security, it makes my blood boil to see federal money being spent this way.  Of course, I keep writing to my Congressman, but the tide has turned for the worse over the last year.  Weed is not going away, and California is the weed capital of the world.  In the words of the late Rodney King, can’t we all just get along, Obama?

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One Response to DRUGS IN THE COUNTRY: Marijuana Ignites Political Forest Fire

  1. ballatore, gregg a says:

    i enjoy a healthy debate, so please dont take my point of view as confrontational, brent posted your blog with a complimentary note (about you, no name given only “my wife”) so i thought id check it out, it stated it was about pot/dope. i know bloggers dont have “code” of fact checking so i dont know how serious you are about the information or the level of influence you have or desire. my opinion is use thyself as a barometer of truthful or deceitul or just plain not knowing. meaning can i back-up my opinion with facts, imperical data, not just emotion or an environmental experience. i personally got sick of the 8 second sound bite sphere of influence and its effect on the overall level of ignorance in our country. i recently ended a two year boycott of all tv (except world series and superbowl and the westminster dog show, okay…kidding, my teststone just dipped..never saw a dogshow, lol..although i have taken alot of dogs to the show…ok quit gregg…..the one point that touched a nerve…and i read on to find some other questions you might be able to answer.

    our dea rank and file is a highly trained, committed and elite policing force. while its more than likely that the events you described were as simple as cheech and chong nice dreams head shops, it still a siezure and they cant afford to be “lax” and assuming, they have info prior to going in, so while the uniform suggests overkill, stage 4 old bald auntie barb was not wrestled to the ground tased and her “dose” confiscated. these guys follow orders with safety in mind for all, the nazi comparison, wow. i had to look it up and yeah the nazis were way out of control, duh. so you had to really kidding, because you seem passionate about these issues. and if our dea was acting like neo nazis that certainly would have been your main topic. which brings me to….

    first, let me say that i ve been reading and listening to all sides re:: eric holder…the attorney general that was recently held in contempt of d the( fast and furious )senate hearing for non disclosure of subeonead file by the supreme court. He is the lee harvey oswald of the obama front office, he is a patsy, the fall guy..info was leaked. the obama leadership team just forgot to send the memo to everyone indicating which lie to use. and what levels of confidentiality were not to be leaked. maybe ive missed it but holder still aint talkin, cause he truly dont know, but hes the top cop that everyone seem fine with seeing swim with sharks ., and i dont see or hear a sole including president obama, coming to his defense….next…i just had a giant cup of 7-11 big energy coffee, its the shiz, i just got a tweet from a high school english teacher wondering why i didnt write this much in school when i had to….(because i was too busy smoking pot) …..true..total waste of tme, money, the other brain cell, i still have the other one, its on disability though, gotta love them liberals…all i had to do to get ssi..was tell them i promise not to vote for mit romney…..which I wont, i’m going to do a write for ann coulter, that’ll piss ’em off;

    medical marijauna, i always liked the word marijauna, its so exotic…but people always came up with ridiculus slang terms, but with medical in front of it they wont.. i always just liked the word “dope” as in “where my jagoff brother-in law, doyle ,who was supposed to be here 4 hours ago with the 75 dollars he owes me and my car jack?
    a voice answersfrom pot smoke filled basement says “chillax bro, he went to get the damn dope” (yeah now i feel better)
    of course your marijauna smoking stories were probably cocktail parties with no out of control dope smoking dumbasses, you dont know the guy who just toked the blunt of dro who now wont let you leave,why, he wont say, but he will say over and over , as you say
    “dude i gotta roll”
    “yeah just stay a minute, its cool”…he has forgotten where he is and who you are” because if you have, how could a sweeping legislation of something so radically intoxicating be for the greater good? so my question is do you care about doctordope, or legalization, and is dr.dope a good “gateway” (pun intended) for your avenue to lawfuly intoxicate .hey thanks,for being here for me warden says im a good hand, hes gonna teach me cipherin im a lone thinker, thinkin bout getting a cat…time to go to work..my name is gregg ballatore, i am brents cousin, hes quite the deep thinker, very interesting, very angry at “the man” it seems but were of the same blood, very volatile,..i, of course cant speak for him, but i sense it. have a good day, the leg /feet ouch, milk it, keep the narco hydrochordone coming…oh btw othe post re: push,i would so take the rest of my day as an inconvenience to others..yeah im taking the bus seat from old people, i got people waiting impatiently holding the door open for me from from a mile away, as i get closer to them i make a pittifull eyecontact and i stop and rest! lol, oh yeah it would be fun. “push my chair, now please im going across the street….. and down 5 blocks, thank you kind lady, your grandchildren would so proud to see you pushing me” i aint that proud or determined to set some freaking example nobodys gonna care about, id work people so much thell go out of ther way to avoid me, thats when i start hittin em up for money, you know med bills, prescriptions, DOCTOR DOPE! see ya… whats your name?

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