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DRUGS IN THE COUNTRY: Caffeinated Energy Drinks Can Kill

As I mentioned, I recently attended my college reunion.  A good friend whom I hadn’t seen in a while told me he was working selling caffeinated energy drinks mixed with alcohol to a younger demographic – read: 18-24 year olds. … Continue reading

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RELIGION IN THE COUNTRY: Descendants of Holocaust Survivors Get Number Tattoos

A few weeks ago, I saw a picture in the NYTimes of a young Israeli guy with a concentration camp tattoo.  I can’t get it out of my mind. If you’ve never seen the concentration camp tattoo, you have been living … Continue reading

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SEX IN THE COUNTRY: SHOCKER! Sony’s “Transylvania” Reinforces Gender Stereotypes

While I enjoyed settling into a cool movie theater with my kids this weekend, especially since it was almost 90 degrees outside, I left Hotel Transylvania feeling a little depressed. It’s not that I expect to be fulfilled at a kids’ … Continue reading

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