SEX IN THE COUNTRY: Too Hot to Have a Job

In what’s being described as a victory for family values, last week an (all male) Supreme Court in Iowa found that a dentist was completely within his rights firing his employee of ten years for tempting him to stray.  She didn’t mean to, she was just too sexy. The dentist, in his defense, said he was simply obeying his wife’s wishes – another woman, this one presumably not as sexy.

I’m so confused by this.  On the one hand, women are supposed to be sexy, right?  If we’re not, we’re called “dogs” and barked at.  But, on the other hand, it seems too sexy is also a problem.  Men can’t handle it.  In fact, the Iowa court has recommended that the woman who was fired should start wearing a burqa to work in case a man is tempted to rape her. (Not really, but it’s easy to see where this kind of decision is going.)

I worry that in addition to not being too sexy, many men would prefer women not be too bright either.  And I read today they must be spendthrifts too. Forget that women, especially minority women, earn one-third to one-half what men do for the same job.  If they mess up their credit, many men won’t consider them for a relationship.

Still, it’s hard to see this as a victory for the average-looking, frugal girl. It’s certainly a defeat for the risk-taking, professional, beauty. But who do you like more?

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