SEX IN THE COUNTRY: Men Have More Orgasms

A recent piece in the Atlantic explains that though these things may be hard to measure, men want sex more, have sex more, and pay more money for it, according to a global study. That doesn’t mean Tiresias was wrong – for all we know, women’s orgasms may still be better than men’s, it’s hard to discern criteria to assess this statistic. But I do wonder, if women enjoy their orgasms more than men, why wouldn’t they pursue more orgasms than men?

Certainly a large part of this has to do with social norms.  It’s still much more acceptable – globally – to be a horny man, than a horny woman.  Obviously this is the case in a country where women wear burqas, but it’s also still the case in Western, “liberated” cultures.  In fact, it’s such a widely held belief that when the roles are reversed, which of course they are sometimes, it can wreak havoc in a relationship.  Simply put, if she wants it more than he does, she’s a slut and a whore; and he’s gay or cheating on her.

There’s also the question of making someone have an orgasm.  Yes women like orgasms, but is it harder to give a woman an orgasm than a man? Anecdotally, at least, this appears to be true.  And perhaps men are not quick learners.

What does seem quantifiable, however, is that testosterone increases sex drive in both sexes.  Ovulation in women also increases sex drive.  Rubbing on a little hormone cream to help satisfy your partner might be worth it. I just worry it will make me grow a beard.

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests more orgasms, for both sexes, would be a good thing: for our health, our sleep patterns, our mood, our joie de vivre. Do something for yourself and for your cuntry today – have an orgasm!

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