SEX IN THE COUNTRY: Lena Dunham’s Naked Body

I just watched the most recent episode of Girls, and once again, Lena Dunham’s tits played a huge role. I’m so happy. Nakedness is awesome.  And while she doesn’t have the typical perfect Hollywood figure, she is attractive.  It’s nice to see people naked.  We are humans – shouldn’t it be natural to enjoy looking at one another naked. Naked women are beautiful, and that doesn’t mean I want to fuck them.

Sadly, Hollywood often plays scenes that would usually be in the nude with bras and underwear.  Mainstream Hollywood films almost always simulate sex with a woman in a bra.  I don’t remember hardly ever having sex in a bra.  That seems ridiculous and a stupid way to break the fourth wall.  Here you are in the middle of a decent movie, that some poor hack struggled to keep coherent and engaging despite the bullshit notes he got from the studio execs, and you, the viewer, bump off on a bra.

So the context is real and the body is real. I’ve said before that though I love breasts, I hate fake ones. It’s great that Dunham’s average body – not fat, not skinny – is out there as at least one more role model for women. And in this last episode we get pretty close to pornographic when Pat Wilson tries to make her come. I love too that she picked the hottest actor in Hollywood for that scene. Male directors – like Woody Allen – pick beautiful women to play their love interests all the time.  Dunham owns it and does it, roles reversed.

It’s hard to present women sexually in film and television without it sliding into caricature.  A real, sexual woman, I’ve assumed, is too threatening to men.  Women are usually oversexed – like Melissa McCarthy in Identity Thief – or virgins who have to be coerced into sex, like Bella Swan. Dunham, and all the girls on the show, exhibit authentic sex drives. Yes, they want sex. No, that doesn’t make them whores. It’s such a relief.

In fact, I think the best thing you can say about Girls is that it is authentic.  You may not like the show, but it feels real.  Scenes are played genuinely, not to manipulate the viewer as much as to present a whole story, a nuanced story that engages the audience and doesn’t allow it to make snap judgements. It’s less about what people do  – since we all pretty much sleep eat shit party – and more about their decision making process. I look forward to each episode, to getting to know the characters better and more deeply. I’m not sure at this point that I like any of them, but I still want to see what happens. Even more so,  I’m looking forward to what Dunham does next.

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